Libertas Classical Academy is honored to offer an all-inclusive annual tuition rate for our families. What does that mean?

Your tuition rate includes student lab fees, field trip fees, literary novels, workbooks, textbooks, and on-campus supply and course fees for the academic year.

After enrollment, you only need to purchase your child’s school supplies and uniform.

2024-2025 Annual Tuition Rates

  • Kindergarten – $7,500 annually
  • 1st– 6th grade – $7,750 annually
  • 7th-10th grade – $8,250 annually


Begin your journey with Libertas! We require a one-time FAMILY application fee of $300 when submitting a new student application. This fee will NOT be charged for returning students or sibling(s) of currently enrolled students. 


After applying, a personal invitation will be sent to schedule your family interview. This is one-on-one time for us to meet your family and for your child’s assessments. 


After applying and interviewing, a personal invitation to enroll and join Libertas Classical Academy will be sent directly to you. There is a discounted annual enrollment charge of $225 per student (Jan 1st – March 31st) or a standard annual enrollment charge of $275 per student (April 1st and on). Your child’s birth certificate is also required at this time.


Stewardship is a key component of Libertas Classical Academy. We offer early enrollment discounts. We also offer BOTH an annual pay-in-full, 5%, or a semi-annual, 3%, discount for the following levels:

  • Kindergarten – $375 annually or $225 semi-annually
  • 1st – 6th grade – $387.50 annually or $232.50 semi-annually 
  • 7th – 10th grade – $412.50 annually or $247.50 semi-annually

Technology, Lab, Supply, Field Trip and Course Fees

None! Remember, this is already included in your annual tuition rate.

Tuition Payment Policy

Unless an annual or semi-annual option is selected prior to August 1st, monthly payments for tuition are drafted on the 1st of each month. This will be set up during the enrollment process with our online payment system. Tuition payments are divided over a 10-month period for the academic year.

If you withdraw your student after the 2nd full week, you are still responsible for the full year’s tuition. This policy is applicable regardless of withdrawal reasons unless otherwise voted on and approved by LCA. 

Tuition/fees are due and payable whether or not the student is expelled, or for any other reason fails to commit to or continue in attendance at LCA for the school year. If a tuition account remains delinquent for two or more months, or there is evidence of chronic tardiness in making the monthly payments, LCA reserves the right to withdraw the student from the academy, or deny re-enrollment for the following semester. 

Refund Policy

Tuition is non-refundable after the second week of the academic year is completed. That means, after the second week of the academic year, the full year’s tuition is due regardless of withdrawal/dismissal date. Tuition is non-transferable, regardless of the payment plan selected.Libertas Classical Academy’s tuition and fees are based on budgeted costs providing educational services to all enrolled students. This includes but is not limited to faculty and staff members, course materials, course fees, and operational costs for your child. Upon enrollment, you are signing a contract with Libertas Classical Academy; this contract reserves a place for your child. This means we honor all associated costs regardless of your child’s withdrawal from Libertas Classical Academy.